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Zomee Fit Wearable Breast Pump

Now you can have it all – a Zomee hospital-grade strength motor in a wearable pump! Thoughtfully designed for quick and effective expression with Zomee's hands-free wearable pumps. Rechargeable for hours of use and easy-to-use technology that doesn’t require an app.

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  • Hospital Grade Strength

  • Display LED Screen

  • Anti-Backflow System

  • BPA + Phthalate Free

  • Easy to Clean + Assemble

  • Long Battery Life

  • Hospital Grade Strength

  • Leak Proof

  • 2+ Hours Battery Life

  • Reaches 260MMHG- 26~ 100CPM

  • 9 Levels of Stimulation

  • 9 Levels Expression

  • 9 Levels 2-Phase Mode (mimics the way baby feeds from mom giving mom extra stimulation for quicker let down)

  • Auto LED Screen Lock (After 30 seconds, the screen goes off automatically)

  • Memory Function (Remembers the last setting)

  • 3 Pumping Styles ( Massage, Expression, and 2-Phase mode (preemie setting to mimic the way baby feeds from mom)

  • Leak Proof

  • 2 - Year Warranty / 90 Days Parts

  • 2 Mins Auto-Switch from Stimulation to Expression

  • Display LED Screen (display of mode, battery status & levels)

  • Noise level- ≤48dB

  • Soft Liquid Silicone Breast Shield - sizes 17/21/25MM in the box

  • Anti-Backflow System

  • BPA + Phthalate Free

  • Easy to Clean and Assemble

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